Be Prepared, Be Confident-Pursue and Achieve


From: Abhilasha Boruah

Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 9:577 AM


Subject: Thank you

Dear Attiya and Latif,


I am writing this letter to convey my heartfelt appreciation for all the help and guidance both of you have given me throughout my college admissions process. From PSATS, to SATS, to college essays, I truly believe I would not have been able to achieve the success I have without both of you. After getting a relatively low score on the PSATS I was very scared about my abilities to do well on the SAT, but with the help of of your classes, I was ultimately able to receive a score of 750+ on every section of the SAT and a perfect score of 800 on the critical reading section - the section I most struggled with in the beginning.


But I am even more grateful for all the help Attiya gave my family and I as we went through the college application process. Since my parents studied in India and I am their first child to go to college, they were not confident about how the college system here truly works. However with the help of Attiya we were able to go through the process with confidence, as she told us everything we needed to know and found schools specifically catered to my professional interests.


Thanks to to help both of you gave me I was able to get into Duke University, Cornell University, Northeastern University's University Scholars Program with a full scholarship, Boston University's 7 Year Accelerated Medical Program and Case Western Reserve University's 8 year BS/MD program with a significant scholarship. I am so excited to say that I will be attending Case Western Reserve University next year and pursuing my dreams of becoming a doctor! I could not have done it without the both of you.


Thank you SO much for everything! I am forever grateful to both of you and can definitively say that deciding to join the NCAS Learning Center was the best decision I made in my college application process.




Abhilasha Boruah

Franklin High School

Class of 2014