Be Prepared, Be Confident-Pursue and Achieve

From: Chris Florio

My affiliation with the NCAS Learning Center enabled me to achieve academic success. Were it not for Latif’s compassionate guidance, my SAT Math score would have precluded my admission to a top-tier college. Were it not for Attiya’s sound advice, my college search would have been misdirected from the start. And were it not for the confidence Attiya displayed when she allowed me to work as a tutor at NCAS, I would never have discovered how much I love to teach. That discovery spurred me to pursue a career as a college professor, and this fall I will begin my graduate coursework toward a PhD in History. Attiya and Latif not only provided me with vital academic skills; they presented me with new academic possibilities. I am indebted to them both.

Chris Florio