Be Prepared, Be Confident-Pursue and Achieve

From: Domenique Ciavattone

SAT class NCAS was not just a class, but an experience. Believe it or not, I made new friends and laughed a lot, all the while raising my SAT score by about 400 points!

The class provided me with great mental stimulation during the summer months when my brain was typically idle, and challenged my knowledge in a fun way during the school year when my mind was generally bogged down with memorized information waiting to be applied. Though sometimes it was difficult, it was worth it! I had people who believed in my abilities to ace the test and gave me lessons so I could improve, which all combined, allowed me to get the scores in the 700's.

If given the option, I would take the class again. I have so many stories that I share with friends I attended the class with, and I have skills that not only significantly helped me with the SAT's, but with my test taking in general!

- Domenique Ciavattone