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Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 8:30 PM
Subject: Re: Matt Z.

Hi Attiya,

Applying to college is a daunting task for the applicant as well as the parents of the applicant. The common application helps to streamline the process if one is applying to numerous colleges/universities; however, so many institutions now require a supplement. A supplement varies from a one page questionnaire to an additional essay question to a number of short answer responses. The essay and short answer responses distinguish the applicants. SAT scores, GPA, class rank, number of extra curricular activities and number of volunteer hours can be quantified, but an essay is unique to the applicant. Although as parents, we proofread the applications completed by our sons/daughters, I found that NCAS provided my son with suggestions to make his application “pop” in the eyes of admissions. Suggestions and edits to his essays and short answers were welcomed and incorporated into the completed application.

Additionally, NCAS provided my son with a format to effectively highlight his activities and personal interests.
The return on our investment is immeasurable as our son now has the task of choosing from the nine schools he was accepted to.

Thank you to NCAS!
Matt's Parents