About NCAS learning Center


National College Assistance Services was formed in 1990 and since then has been offering intensive pre-college training programs to high school students. NCAS's COLLEGE BOUND PROGRAM is especially designed to guide both parents and students through the different facets of college education including one-on-one educational counseling, test preparation, college guidance, college admissions, guidance and assistance in attaining financial aid.


We also offer special tutorial sessions in order to prepare students who need more than just a test prep program. These classes exist for the PSAT, SATI, SATII Math I and MathII subject tests, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Through our personal tutorials, students have increased their confidence and learned concepts to improve failing grades in school.

The results our students have attained over the years speak for the reputation and success of our programs. In the PSAT/SAT, students have raised their scores anywhere from 200 to 400 points. Some of our students have also won academic scholarships from colleges due to their excellent results, and these scholarships range anywhere from $4,000 to full tuition at some of the most competitive and prestigious colleges and universities in the USA.


Our primary aim is to guide, support and academically motivate students in all our programs. We believe that the whole college application process is both daunting and confusing for many students/parents. Through our COLLEGE BOUND PROGRAM, we provide a strong supportive environment, encouraging students to learn strategic test skills through our test prep programs, investigate careers through various internships and career testing services, and become informed about colleges through college visits and interviews.

So far our innovative program seems to be working. Students in our COLLEGE BOUND PROGRAM have been admitted to prestigious colleges and received substantial merit scholarships.

We hope to continue expanding our services to encompass other academic areas and to become known as the premier academic guidance company in the community.