Attiya Chaudary winner of Athena Award in 2002


Here is what the student who nominated had to say about Attiya.

"Attiya is a role model. She told me that to have choices in life is a gateway that will open the world of opportunities to the young women of my generation."

Her 'go-for-it' attitude has challenged me to think differently about my potential and abilities."

Athena Award
Chaudary received numerous other honors. State Representatives John Lepper (Republican, Attleboro) and Betty Poirer (Republican, North Attleboro) jointly presented a citation from the House of Representatives listing her accomplishments. Also honoring her service to the community and dedication to women, Chaudary received a proclamation from Mayor Judith Robbins.


Reprinted with permission from "The Sun Chronicle."

Attiya was also Chairman of the Board of the North
Attleboro/Plainville Chamber of Commerce in 2006.