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We offer guidance on applications, essay writing, standing out, and interviewing.

There is no foolproof way for gaining admission into college. Every college uses its own admission policy and each college uses its own professional judgment to admit students.

The transcript and the test scores tell just part of the story. It is the total application, including the college essay(s), teacher recommendations, college interview, and activity profile that provides a clearer picture of the individual student.

Then there is the other important component – how to present all this information in a clear, precise and yet detailed way to stand out amongst all other applicants. This is the crucial part of the college application process. We work to make YOU stand out as an applicant. Services under college applications include:


  • Asking for the vital Letter(s) of Recommendation – Whom to ask, how, and why? These endorsements play a vital role in the application process.
  • Preparing for the college interview – Why, when and how? Highlight who you are. Let your personality shine!! Learn specific interview skills and practice them.
  • Reviewing college applications – hard-copy or on-line, plus a review of all the requirements. Familiarizing students with the various components of the application and reviewing deadlines.
  • Writing the all-important admissions essay/Personal Statement –brain-storming, outlining and writing the essay. Your opportunity to imprint your “personality” on your application. Let the real YOU stand out!
  • Preparing a “selling” portfolio – talent, extracurricular or highlight major involvement. What message do you want the college admission officers to receive?


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