Be Prepared, Be Confident-Pursue and Achieve

December 04, 2007
NCAS Learning Center
Attn: Attiya Chaudary
12 Washington Street
Plainville, MA 02762
RE: Letter of Recommendation

As parents of prospective college students, we have had the pleasure of knowing Attiya and Letif Chaudary for the last seven years. They have gotten to know our children through their intensive college preparation program and have guided them to achieve the maximum success. What's sets NCAS apart from other college preparatory programs is the personal attention given to each student. They get to know your child on many different levels beginning at the end of sophomore year. This husband and wife team compliment each other as Latif prepares them for the math section and Attiya in the reading and writing areas.

In our experience, Attiya knew our rising seniors almost better than us. She was able to pick out a wide variety of schools they would thrive at. Our oldest, who is a senior in college now has been extremely happy at her school. It was one of her top choices and became a perfect fit. She is now in the process of applying to graduate schools and Attiya is still offering counseling for her success. Our second child, who is a senior in high school this year has recently heard from his early decision school and am happy to report that he will be part of that class of 2012. Again, Attiya and Letif were instrumental in his preparation and application process. We will be using NCAS again as our youngest is but a freshman in high school. I recommend any parent looking for personalized, professional and maximum success in the college process to consider NCAS.

Steven and Joanne Carlino