Individualized and Personalized Tutorial Programs


These programs are specifically designed to match your child’s learning pace and develop mastery and confidence in the essential skills to excel in school. Tutors in this program are highly qualified and experts in their field and are committed to providing students the individual attention and help they need.


The programs address the needs of preschool (age 4 - 6 years), middle school and high school children in developing skills in all areas of math and English.


Program Details:-
  • We start with a comprehensive diagnostic test to identify areas your child needs help. We then custom-develop a curriculum specifically to assist your child in those areas.
  • Instruction is matched to keep up with each child’s learning pace and comfort level. The learning pace will be adjusted at all times to maximize each child’s potential and to develop confidence.
  • Each tutorial session lasts one and half hours, and a minimum of two sessions per week are recommended.
  • A formal progress review with parents is arranged the first week of every month to inform and review each child's progress.
  • During summer the tutorial sessions run from:
    10am - 11.30 am, and 2pm - 3.30 pm daily.
  • During school year the tutorial sessions run from:
    10am - 11.30am, and 2pm - 3.30 pm for preschoolers;
    4.30pm - 6.00pm, and 6.30pm - 8.00pm for school-age children.


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